Managing Finances Wisely

Below are some resources to supplement our conversation in Adult Sunday School at New Life Faith Center on February 16, 2014.  These resources are designed to give you additional help as you consider steps towards financial freedom:

  • Crown Financial:  The organization originally founded by Larry Burkett, Crown is a Christian-based advisory group that creates resources, audio shows, etc., as well as a variety of personal resources to support individuals, couples, and young families.
  • Crown also hosts a wide number of informative articles with trusted advice about managing finances, including some personal issues (credit reports, identity theft, paying down debt).
  • The Crown Money Map is a step-by-step process designed to provide families with careful direction on hoe to move towards financial independence.
  • While not as explicit in structure, another trusted organization is the Dave Ramsey organization.  There are many resources available on this website, some free and some require payment.  Dave Ramsey’s trademark curriculum, Financial Peace University, has helped many people gain independence.
  • Similar to Crown’s Money Map, Dave Ramsey’s organization has a step of “Baby Steps” that are recommended in pursuing financial independence.
  • Finally, consider watching part three of Andy Stanley’s teaching on Breathing Room.  In this talk he describes the benefits that come from margin in our financial lives–and how that margin honors God.  While the whole series is great, part three is the financial focus.

We are called to be stewards of our financial resources.  May we all learn to bring Glory to God through our efforts to manage our finances well!

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